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Adapting to a Pandemic

With the unexpected arrival of a global pandemic, industries dependent on in-person trade shows and conferences to sell their equipment were hurting from losing a critical sales pipeline.

One of these impacted companies was Kuhner Shaker, a leading developer and manufacturer of shaking machines used in labs worldwide.

An Online Alternative

After struggling to find new sales opportunities without in-person events, Kuhner was relieved to find Lesia Design & Digital’s virtual booths to give them an online alternative that they could send to potential clients.


The interactive booth platform allowed Kuhner to jumpstart its sales channels and see its products being sold again during the pandemic.

Modal Kuhner Booth
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Designing an Interactive Virtual Booth

Lesia Design & Digital was able to create a customized booth design that matched the unique branding of the Kuhner Shaker website while also accentuating the photorealistic aspects of Kuhner’s shaker equipment.

The booth allowed clients to engage with the company’s aesthetic and learn just as much about the products as they would have at a physical conference.

The Best Part?

The virtual booth has created a passive sales funnel for Kuhner Shaker!

With the virtual booth being live 24/7, clients learn more about the shaker equipment for their labs, make orders through the booth, and engage with Kuhner’s team using the built-in chat functions.

Product gallery in Kuhner Shaker's virtual booth
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“This is AWESOME! We had our first full success with the booth last night! I’m playing with my son after dinner… chat notification comes through. I sent a few notes and linked them up with our distributor. They phoned them and are getting a quote! Crazy, absolutely crazy. Exactly like we were hoping the virtual booth would work!”
David Laidlaw

Kuhner Shaker