Custom Web Applications

We design custom web apps for mobile and desktop that work for your users


From custom websites to database design, we work with you to turn complex problems into user-friendly experiences. Our priority is good user interface design. We invest the time upfront to ensure you don’t have to go back and fix things later on.

What is the Difference Between a Web App and a Website?


Not sure whether you need a website or a custom web application? We’ll work with you to uncover your goals and determine the best course of action, but before we begin, it helps to understand the differences between these two approaches.

For example, your local chiropractor may have a simple brochure website that lists services, hours and contact details. But she may also have a web app that handles online appointment bookings, which syncs with her calendar and sends you reminders before your appointment.

A website is typically designed to deliver content and information to users, whereas a web app offers some sort of functionality or interaction with the user. Websites are typically simple content repositories managed by one or two individuals. Apps are more dynamic, requiring some kind of user input and data processing.


Web apps are often hosted within a website—think of a registration tool on a university website, or an app that lets you upvote content on your favourite news site.


How We Work


Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an existing user interface, we will deep dive into your needs in a discovery phase, working together to uncover a vision and plan. If your current web application needs updating, we will get to know what you need and recommend the changes that are necessary or unnecessary, so you’re getting the most value out of your investment.

After planning and discovery, we create wireframes—interactive prototypes that communicate the key elements of your web app design before it’s built. We test and iterate, making quick and easy changes based on your feedback and collaboration. The wireframing process ensures we land on a user interface (UI) you are completely happy with before any work is put into colours, fonts, animations, or development. Then our expert interface developers take the wireframes and turn them into your fully functioning web application.


Our Expertise


We can design a range of tools, databases, apps, and interfaces—the sky is truly the limit. Our team is equipped to take on projects in the following categories:

  • Custom databases and interface development
  • Online databases for application submissions
  • Registration and event web application software
  • Custom ecommerce website solutions
  • Custom inventory management for staff members
  • Interactive, fully branded payment calculators with graphs and reporting
  • Custom generated PDF reports
  • Interactive wizards

And yes, we can create mobile web apps (this is different than native mobile apps that are downloaded in the app stores).

Website Audit & User Feedback


If you’re simply looking to make some adjustments to your current application, we will sit down and get know your challenges—both what’s going wrong and what’s going right. We’ll dig into your business needs and goals for the next two-to-five years to ensure we’re building you a site with longevity—one that will grow with you. Our team will look into reports, surveys, or any data you have available. We can put together and conduct a simple survey for your team or clients to determine any challenges or pain points you’re experiencing.We can also go one step further with user testing on your interface.

Website audit and user feedback