Custom Web Applications

We design web apps that work for you.

Turning complex problems into user-friendly experiences.

From custom websites to database design, we invest the time upfront to ensure you don’t have to go back and fix things later. Our priority is exemplary user interface design that is rooted in purpose.

Web Applications vs Websites

What’s the Difference?

Websites are typically simple content repositories managed by one or two individuals. A website hosts content that informs users. From non-profit organizations to small businesses and large corporations, a website is the most efficient way to educate the public about your business or purpose.


Web apps are dynamic and require a user to interact with the system somehow to perform a task. Web apps are generally hosted within websites and provide additional functionality.

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It’s important to note that web applications are NOT the same as mobile apps. Web apps are viewed in a browser like any other website. However, a proper application still needs to be responsive. We take a mobile-first approach to web development to ensure that your application works on all devices.

Need an example?

We developed a custom web app for thinkAG that helps connect students and educators across Canada to agricultural resources.

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thinkAG custom website design
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We also created a unique web application for Conexus Credit Union – an easy-to-use budget calculator. Wondering how much money you have leftover at the end of the month? Try the calculator and give Conexus a call to see how you can increase your savings and pay down your debt.

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Budget Calculator Custom Web Application Development
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Our Web App Services

Tools, databases, apps, and interfaces

The sky is the limit. We are happy to take on projects such as:

  • Custom databases and interface development
  • Online databases for application submissions
  • Registration and event web application software
  • Custom e-commerce website solutions
  • Custom inventory management for staff members
  • Interactive, fully branded payment calculators with graphs and reporting
  • Custom generated PDF reports
  • Interactive wizards
  • Mobile web apps


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Not sure if you need a website or a custom web application?


We’ll work with you to uncover your goals and determine the best course of action.

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