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Logo Design

Your logo is about so much more than pretty shapes and colours. It tells the story of your company in a single glance. A professional visual brand goes hand-in-hand with a professional company.

We have created identities for hundreds of businesses from Saskatoon to Vancouver. When designing logos, we start by understanding who you are and why your business exists. We pair that understanding with competitive research and brainstorming to create a new look that encapsulates your essence. You’ll choose from multiple versions and iterations of your logo design until we have it nailed. Finally we’ll design a logo that is versatile enough to be used in print and online, large and small.

Throughout the process, you are in control. We’re not done until you’re happy with the end result.


What Makes a Good Logo Design?


1. A sense of place

Great logos tell a story and immediately offer a hint of what you do and where you come from. Many of our clients are rooted in Saskatoon, so we often give them a bit of Saskatchewan in their logo design. How can you capture your city or hometown in your visual brand?


2. Simplicity

Think of the Nike Swoosh or the MacDonald’s M. The best logo designs are simple enough for a child to replicate. Is your logo easy to remember, easy to draw, and easy to see from far away?


3. Versatility

Your logo might take many forms: digital or print; large or small; and colour, greyscale or solid black. It’s key to design a logo that translates easily from one setting to another.


4. Timelessness

Be aware of design trends and don’t get carried away with the latest Pantone colours. Your logo needs to stand the test of time. The Coca-cola logo has hardly changed since the 1900s. If you want a logo that lasts, choose classic fonts and timeless colours.


New additions to our logo design portfolio:

Some recent logo designs:

How Much Should a Logo Cost?

Your logo tells a story. It says exactly who you are and gives customers instant insight into what you are all about. Only a logo that’s rooted in thoughtful strategy and exploration can truly capture your company’s essence and tell that story in a snapshot.

There are plenty of logo factories that will produce an icon for $200, but these are often plagiarized, based on stolen stock imagery or existing logos.

Compared to large agencies, our logos are affordable, however our prices reflect the high value of our services.


Here’s why our logos cost more than a couple hundred dollars:

We have been creating thoughtful, lasting logos since 1999.

Our senior level designers all create artwork from scratch—your logo is completely original.

You never risk copyright infringement or lawsuits. In fact you’ll receive your own Copyright Assignment document, created by our lawyer. This mean you have 100% ownership and rights to your logo. In Canada, even if you pay a designer for a logo, the designer owns it until this document is sent and signed.

Client Control & Ownership
We give you original vector design files that are fully scalable and editable. Other firms may only give you “small” and “large” JPG version of your files, then charge you for additional versions or sizes. With vectors, you are in control.

Trust & Respect
We foster trusted, long term relationships with clients. We invest care and creativity into your logo because we know there’s a good chance we’ll have a long future of work together, built on respect, not a rush job.


So how much does it actually cost?

Give us a call at 1-306-371-6637 or email info@lesiadesign.com (or send a message through our contact form) and we’ll send you our typical pricing clear as day. We’re not trying to be shady. We just prefer to make our competitors work a little bit for our pricing information.

We also offer graphic design services:

With your professional logo design, we can then extend your brand to your website and print collateral, including:

  • Business card design

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Stationery