Responsive Web Design and Development

We offer both custom web development and affordable customizable web design in Saskatoon


Your website is the first place your customers look for information about you. Ensuring that information is easy to find is our number one priority. We call that User Experience Design (or UX Design) and it’s the foundation of everything we do.

A strong user experience puts customers first, ensuring they can easily access information, no matter what device they are using. That means ensuring your website is responsive, so it’s easy to read on absolutely any screen: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a large screen desktop computer. It’s optimized for every viewer.

Exactly what do we mean by responsive? Just resize your browser and watch what happens to this website. It adapts to the screen size, mimicking what would happen if you were browsing on a mobile phone. Sometimes this is also called “Adaptive Web Design.”

With a responsive web design you don’t need a separate website or app to serve mobile users. Google favours responsive websites in search results, so your site also benefits from an SEO boost.

We have web development options for businesses large and small.

Custom Web Development

There are dozens of content management systems (CMS’) in the world and we’ve worked with almost all of them. Here’s what we consistently hear: our clients prefer DNN (formerly known as Dot Net Nuke) and CraftCMS.

These easy-to-use platforms are both foolproof and future-proof. Our clients love them because they stands the test of time. The incredibly simple user-interface makes it easy to update content and manage your blog—anyone in your organization can take on the task.

Their intuitive back end interface lets you:

  • Post content with simple tools

  • Add/remove blocks of content with ease

  • Adjust text and images quickly

  • Set permission levels to determine who can update what content

  • Upload documents with a click for easy user download

  • And much more...



There is a large community of developers who work in DNN and CraftCMS, so even in the extremely unlikely event that you need to move your website away from us, you’re never stuck without someone who can work on your website. New functionality is being created all the time by web developers around the world.

DNN, for example, has been downloaded by over 7 million users (as of January 2017). We can customize your website to your specific needs.


Affordable Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive design

We offer affordable responsive websites for smaller businesses with budget constraints. Less robust than DNN or CraftCMS, but equally beautifully, these customized websites are incredibly user-friendly, mobile responsive, and search-engine-friendly.

Drag and drop functionality

We use Squarespace—a tried and true tool with that offers super simple drag and drop functionality. By the time we customize your site, it will look completely unique. Low monthly hosting fees include your domain name, painless ecommerce features, and an intuitive shopping cart.

Nothing to patch or upgrade

Our clients love Squarespace because there is nothing to patch or upgrade—everything happens automatically, and is available at an incredibly low monthly subscription.