Search Engine Optimization

SEO and online marketing to make sure you get noticed on Google


Online Marketing

For most businesses, website traffic is the #1 source of new business. If Google can’t find your site, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of revenue. SEO is an essential part of your online marketing strategy.


We optimize both the code and the content of your website to ensure potential customers can find exactly what they’re looking for. That includes conducting a thorough site audit and keyword and content analysis. Then we’ll make recommendations or help you implement changes to boost your Google ranking. We set up Google Analytics with goal and event tracking, so you know exactly how your site is performing.

Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithm every year. Our SEO experts are versed in search engine optimization best practices and are continually adapting with search engines.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of tactics for boosting “organic” traffic to your website. Organic traffic is made up of the natural, un-paid sources of visitors to your website, via search results on Google, Bing or other search engines.

How do we approach SEO for your site? There are numerous components that enhance your likelihood of being found by search engines.

Keyword Research and Strategy

It starts by understanding your business and the way customers seek out your services or products on the internet. We gather a number of possible keywords and then test our assumptions using keyword research tools that pull data from popular search engines. These give us access to real data about popular search terms. It gives us a clear picture of how much competition there is for those keywords, and helps us determine how specifically or broadly we should target your keywords. We think about “search intent” to rule out keywords that could attract the wrong type of user.

Competitor Research

Next we uncover best practices by finding out the SEO score of your competitors. We dive deep to investigate their target keywords, domain authority, citations score, user reviews and organic search traffic.

On-page SEO

With this information we begin crafting key elements of your site that can boost organic traffic. This includes Title Tags that tell Google exactly what’s on the page, and meta descriptions that entice users to click through by offering compelling summaries of page content. Meaningful URL Structure and highly relevant, keyword-rich headings give your site another big push in the search rankings.

Incorporating your keywords, along with latent semantic indexing (simply put, using words that have a similar meaning to your keywords), will signify that the content on your page is meaningful and related to the user who searches those terms. 

Off-page SEO

With your site now optimized, we focus on building a strong online profile for your business, that reached beyond your own site. We will create or optimize your Google and Bing business accounts, submit your website to online directories and search engines, create a strong business citations score and make sure that your business is listed on online maps.

Local SEO

Finally, if your business is dependent mainly on local customers, we ensure they find you first. We will create a Point of Interest (POI) on several online maps directories and make sure that your area of service is optimized in search engines.

When it all comes together with smart SEO-friendly coding and excellent user experience—like responsive design—your site will be well positioned to climb above competitors.

Since our website redesign, our number of website visitors has skyrocketed. It used to welcome about 23,000 unique visitors per year, but now it’s welcoming 68,000 unique visitors per year and it’s on track to welcome over 230,000 unique visitors next year!
— Nicole M. Hancock Executive Director, Safe Drinking Water Foundation Registered Canadian Charity