Saskatoon Youth Orchestra - Responsive Web Re-Design

Saskatoon Youth Orchestra Website

Lesia Design is proud to have launched the brand new, vibrant and energetic, website. This wonderful organization needed a web presence that better reflected their youthfulness and ethos.  We delivered this, and more! > A Case Study: 

The Problem:

The previous website was very outdated in terms of technology and quality content was hard to find. Because the target audience for this website is energetic youth and their parents, the website really did not appeal to this target demographic. Furthermore, the SYO is currently run by a very vibrant and energetic director and the experience of what it’s like to be a part of the Youth Orchestra was not properly captured in the old website. 

What We Did:

We listened to what the Client had to say about the organization. We made sure they were able to provide use with beautiful high resolution and professional photography. We tested their limits to make sure they were comfortable with vibrant colours and bold choices. We worked hand-in-hand with SYO to re-develop the site’s information architecture, wireframes, content strategy, design, and development.

The Result:

A vibrant and modern new site that is youthful, energetic, and fully captures the musical experience of being in the Youth Orchestra. The website is fully desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly and has clear navigation and calls to action.