About Lesia Design and Digital

A web design agency rooted in Saskatoon, with a global outlook.


How we’re different


We believe that the web should be beautiful and accessible to everyone. This is only possible when companies put user experience first.

We were among the first web design agencies in Saskatoon to specialize in UX design and to create mobile responsive websites, accessible on any screen or device.


Hire a user experience expert in saskatoon

Our focus on user experience goes beyond the web. Our clients benefit from a highly collaborative process. Working with us isn’t like being an “account” at an impersonal agency. You get direct access to our founder, who is not only the creative force behind the company, she’s the warm personality you’ll engage with at each step of your project. She is deeply invested in your success. She takes the time to foster a rich understanding of your project. You benefit from her years of expertise and her endless positive energy.


We only hire senior professionals so you’re never paying for someone to learn on the job. Because our team telecommutes, you benefit from lower overhead that translates to lower costs.


Founded in 2006 by Lesia Payne

Telecommuting team members in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Cowichan Valley,  Port Moody and Ireland.

Serving clients in Saskatoon, [other cities/towns] in diverse industries including healthcare, education, public services, airport authorities and more



Our Founder and UX Director, Lesia Payne, is a web design veteran. She was one of the first designers in Saskatoon to implement UX design practices and to create responsive websites that adapt to the user’s screen size.


User-first design

We gain a deep understanding of your customers and then design for their distinct needs. It’s not about flashy functionality or chasing the latest trends—it’s about ensuring customers can find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.


Ease of use

Usability matters on the back-end too. We use a tried and true content management system (CMS) that is easy for clients at all levels of technical knowledge.


Skilled and diverse team

You never get the “B-team.” Our team is made up of seasoned experts who have worked their respective fields for 10+ years.


Competitive rates

We keep our rates accessible—offering high value with every engagement. Our fees are fair and transparent, reflecting our knowledge of your business needs.


Meet the Lesia Team

We are a team of specialists. We each bring more than a decade of expertise to our craft. We take a lot of pride in our respective abilities and love collaborating on projects.

Lesia Payne - Owner and Founder, Lead UX Director, Lesia Design + Digital


Founder and UX Director

Our founder and namesake, Lesia Payne, has been working in design since 1999 and has been dabbling with coding and the web since the early ’90s. She had her first custom PHP online journal (now known as a blog!) in 1997. She went on to earn a specialized Bachelor's Degree of Science in Interaction Design.

Before launching Lesia Design and Digital in 2006, she worked both agency-side and in-house as a designer and developer—giving her the opportunity to work with companies like Telus, Hotwire, Electronic Arts (EA), and the University of Saskatchewan.

Since then she has grown the company from a one-person web design company to a bustling team of UX designers, graphic designers, copy and SEO experts, and web developers. Her ability to foster and maintain client relationships—giving customers a high degree of one-on-one attention—has been the key to her success and her impressive referral rate.

When she’s not solving business problems with smart user interfaces, Lesia is mom to two busy young boys. She’s a master gardener, scuba diver, active volunteer, choir member and proud gamer. She and her husband love to travel whenever they can.



Interface Developer

Though completely self-taught, Aaron is one of the world’s leading DNN theme developers. Since 2006 he’s been exceeding client expectations with his quick turnaround and quality code. He can design pixel-perfect websites and has enough experience and knowledge to suggest great usability improvements and enhancements. His interfaces are clean and simple to use, making them a favourite of Lesia Design and Digital clients.

Aaron is a digital nomad, but between adventures, he drops his bags in Victoria, BC, where he can often be found playing tennis or riding his bike. 



Web Designer

Marko is a fantastic designer and has been working with Lesia since 2013. He has diversified skill set doing both design and front-end code but primarily works on beautiful modern web design. He has been working as a designer since 2006, spending six of those early years as a designer for US startups. Marko has worked directly for clients like Coca-Cola, Virgin, T-Mobile, Audi, and McLaren and for numerous startups such as CrazyEgg and Udemy. He is a proud autodidact. 




Janet is a seasoned marketer and copywriter. She started writing non-profit grants and proposals in 2004 and has since developed a rich portfolio of content including more than 80 articles for 25 different print and digital publications. She’s known for her accurate, concise, and persuasive copy.

Janet gets a thrill from seeing your business take off once the right copy has helped you connect with your clients. She loves creating strategies that set you on a path for continual growth. She is a certified Digital Marketer and CoSchedule-certified Content Marketing Strategist. She knows the ins and outs of attracting users through email, blogging, and various stages of the marketing funnel.

A California native, Janet now lives in Karachi, Pakistan where she balances her writing work with a passion for building water wells in desert areas. She’s also a skilled digital artist, represented by the UK-based Islamic Imprints Art Gallery. She has shown her work at more than 50 exhibitions around the world.

Noud - Search Engine Optimization Specialist and Web Developer


Search Engine optimization Specialist &
Web Developer

Originally from the Netherlands, Noud brings nearly 20 years of digital and business expertise to his role as SEO Specialist. With a foundation in web design and development, he understands the nuances of search engines and the evolving business landscape.

Noud oversees organic SEO, PPC, microdata and business citations for Lesia Design and Digital. He is passionate about creating a custom user experience that search engines love as much as your users do.

Highly driven, Noud loves exceeding client expectations and seeing their businesses flourish thanks to his strategic insights. He thrives on the nitty gritty fine tuning that ensures your website will perform online.

When he’s not behind a computer Noud loves the outdoors and the arts. He hikes, camps and cycles in and around Port Moody, BC—which he now calls home. He’s a board member of the Vancouver Hip Hop Society and is involved in creating new possibilities for youth leadership through dance, music, and visual art.



Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

Mike was involved in development of a Point of Sale system and ever since then he’s been testing software in some capacity or another. He earned his qualifications in 1996 and has since been challenging himself by continually upgrading his skills. He joined the Lesia Design and Digital team in 2012.

Mike is a sleuth who loves tracking down the cause of an obscure or difficult coding issue; and he’s a communicator who takes pleasure in documenting the problem in a way that helps the team recreate issues and test solutions. He’s methodical with unparallelled attention to detail.

Born in Saskatchewan, Mike now lives in Ireland, Thanks to the overseas time difference he can work during the team’s downtime, dramatically expediting the QA process. When he’s not rooting out bugs in your website code, he loves to read science fiction and crime novels, and he’s involved in a local amateur dramatics group. He lives with two cats: Cable and Holly.

Jane - Content Strategist and Copywriter


Content Strategist and Copywriter

Jane is a seasoned marketer and copywriter from Saskatoon. She's a National Newspaper Award nominee with more than five years experience writing for a number of different platforms. From interpretive panels to promotional materials to all forms of journalism, Jane has sharpened her skills to give you the content you need. As master wordsmith and a keen digital strategist, she'll work hard to turn your story into meaningful and memorable narratives that influence positive user experiences. She's known for her accurate, concise, and persuasive copy.

Jane gets a thrill from seeing your business take off once the right copy has helped you connect and form a relationship with your customers. She loves creating strategies that set you on a path for continual growth.