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Crossfit 306 is a vibrant, welcoming community that defies many of the hard edge Crossfit stereotypes. When the organization approached us, their website was jammed with information and hard to read, and it wasn’t mobile-friendly —though most users were getting information from their phones (or at least trying to!).

Crossfit 306 had dedicated users who liked to check the site at the stroke of midnight to see the coming Workout of the Day (WOD), but the website buried that information and frustrated users.

To meet the budget constraints of a small local business, we created this site in Squarespace, customizing a template to align with the 306 brand. 

Potential members are welcomed right away with a compelling and straightforward call to action that leads right to transparent pricing and steps to sign up for a free class. For hardcore regulars, the WOD is front and centre on the homepage.

We wanted to capture the diversity of the 306 community, so we used original imagery to showcase the variety of people and fitness levels that make up the regular members. The message is that everyone is welcome.

Lastly, we gave the site a much-needed SEO boost to ensure it’s one of the first options for anyone looking to try Crossfit in Saskatoon.

The results were remarkable. After the site’s launch, the gym had its best quarter in years. Crossfit306 holds the number two spot on Google!

You can read more about it below!

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Website design for CrossFit 306 in Saskatoon, SK
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