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Addressing the Needs

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region employs 2,500 and is responsible for meeting the health needs of 82,000 people in central Saskatchewan. Their site was long out of date and packed with information haphazardly thrown together over the years. It was nearly impossible for staff and patients to find the information they needed, and the content wasn’t accessible on mobile browsers.

We had two goals for this project, to better serve patients in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region: create intuitive ways to find information, and make life easier for staff who were spending hours every week posting jobs in a clunky, outdated CMS.


User Testing

To ensure that anyone—staff or patient—could find what they need at a glance, we did complete user testing to review our information architecture and wireframes. Audio and video testing gave us valuable insights that shaped the site in surprising ways.

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Information Architecture

After testing, we completely redesigned their robust menu system and made it mobile-friendly. Because the directory of services was one of the most used pages on the site, we pointed to it with a simple, permanent call-to-action on every page.

We gave sections intuitive “human-friendly” names, simplifying the way-finding process.

As the cherry on top, we developed a custom tool for managing and automating career postings to speed up the process for staff dramatically.

The Results

When the site launched in 2015, it saw an immediate lift in engagement. Usability tests show that the process of finding information has been significantly simplified.

In the first year, there was a 30% boost in new users. User’s time on site went up 10%, and there was a 20% lift in page views!

To the delight of Region HR staff, they now save 90 minutes every week posting jobs. They use this time to do other tasks like reviewing the hundreds of applications they receive each week.

And because job posts automatically expire, there’s very little ongoing maintenance.

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“Lesia and her team were responsive to our needs, and provided great direction on how we can ensure the people coming to our website are able to find the information they require. They had the patience and knowledge to ensure even the smallest details were working smoothly during both the development phase and post-launch.”
Doug Dahl

Communications Officer, PAPHR