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Virtual Booth design for Kuhner Shaker

Unprecedented times call for innovative solutions.

Showcase your products around the world with our virtual trade show booths.

Can’t travel? No problem.

COVID-19 has resulted in a loss of new connections and sales for many industries, but there is a solution. With Lesia Design and Digital’s virtual booths, you can recreate the visual allure of a conference and the interactive education of a trade show online—where your customers can engage with your products from anywhere in the world.

A virtual booth is an interactive 3D space accessible through a company’s website or direct link. Your customers can learn more about your products, offerings, and services from the comfort of their laptop or mobile device whenever they want.

Our virtual booths are a fitting alternative for all of the top industries:

  • Agriculture and Forestry

  • Apparel and Clothing

  • Boating and Automotive

  • Building and Construction

  • Distilleries, Breweries and Wineries

  • Food and Beverage

  • Home Decor, Furniture and Appliances

  • Healthcare and Medical

  • Industrial Engineering

  • IT and Technology

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Office Furniture and Equipment

  • Science and Research

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Reimagine your conference experience with a virtual trade show booth

Visual graphic design and brand palette


Whether you want to showcase a line of products, include downloadable content, display video, create a logic-based product selector, or open channels for chatting with your team, the virtual booth is fully customizable to what you need.

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The visual appearance of your virtual booth is designed to meet your company’s brand and aesthetic. Whether you want to create a playful, colourful space for customers or a photorealistic, modern room, we can build the virtual booth that best reflects your business and its products.

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Because the virtual booth is active 24/7, you can create a passive source of sales. Potential clients can visit the booth, learn about your products and place orders. Customers can also use the chatbot feature to engage with your team, and keep those sales coming!

International leader in the manufacturing of shaking machines gets virtual conference booth

Case Study: Kuhner Shaker

With the unexpected arrival of a global pandemic, industries dependent on in-person trade shows and conferences to sell their equipment were hurting from the loss of a key sales pipeline. One of these impacted companies was Kuhner Shaker, a leading developer and manufacturer of shaking machines for labs around the world.

After struggling to find new sales opportunities without in-person events, Kuhner found Lesia Design and Digital’s virtual booths—an online alternative that they could send to potential clients. The interactive platform of the booth helped Kuhner to jumpstart their sales channels and get their products into the hands of their customers during the pandemic.

Lesia Design and Digital was able to create a customized design of the booth that matched the unique branding of their website. This design also accentuates the key aspects of Kuhner’s shaker equipment with photorealistic images. This lets clients engage with the company’s aesthetic and learn just as much about the products as they would have at a conference.

The best part? This has created a passive sales funnel for Kuhner Shaker. With the virtual booth being live 24/7, clients are learning more about the shaker equipment for their labs. Customers are making orders through the booth and engaging with Kuhner’s team using the built-in chat functions.

Virtual Booth content page example Sketch mockups for the Kuhner Shaker Virtual Booth Virtual Online Booth design Virtual Booth content page example Sketch mockups for the Kuhner Shaker Virtual Booth Virtual Online Booth design
“This is AWESOME! We had our first full success with the booth last night! I’m playing with my son after dinner… chat notification comes through. I sent a few notes and linked them up with our distributor. They phoned them and are getting a quote! Crazy, absolutely crazy. Exactly like we were hoping the virtual booth would work!”
David Laidlaw

Kuhner Shaker