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The REAL District

The REAL District, a Canadian non-profit corporation, is dedicated to promoting tourism, driving economic growth, and enhancing Saskatchewan residents’ quality of life. Their extensive range of events and world-class facilities attract attendees from all over the world.

The pre-existing REAL website needed attention. It exhibited deficiencies in terms of organization, navigation, and content administration. The website included a primary site alongside multiple micro sites for specific events and facilities, lacking a unified structure and consistent branding. Additionally, despite a substantial portion of users accessing the site through mobile devices, it failed to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

REAL District - Featured Events
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Defining the goals

In collaboration with the REAL District, we worked with individual business units to define three key objectives for the newly designed website. The finalized objectives were:

  1. To increase the visibility of all events and initiatives at REAL through a simplified and intuitive user experience, a robust online calendar, and interconnected event details pages.
  2. Increase ticket sales to events, program/league/camp registrations, and merchandise purchases.
  3. Be a consolidated, simplified, single source of information for all REAL properties.

The redesign

To address these challenges and goals, we implemented a new content management system, WordPress, to facilitate stress-free content updates. The new website features a user-friendly interface incorporating a mega-menu design highlighting essential pages, events, and venues. The new website serves as a consolidated and simplified hub for all REAL properties and events, offering a wealth of information in one place.

REAL District Queen City Ex - QCX - Signature Event - Website Redesign
REAL District Mobile Responsive Website for Non-Profit Corporation
REAL District Queen City Ex - QCX - Signature Event - Website Redesign
REAL District Mobile Responsive Website for Non-Profit Corporation

Sitemap – Before the Redesign


Sitemap – After the Redesign

A Working Online Calendar Widget

A robust online calendar was also implemented to allow users to find events happening at REAL effortlessly. The event details pages were redesigned to be interconnected and comprehensive, providing users with all the necessary information about an event, such as ticketing, registration, and facility details.

We also implemented a secondary calendar system that displays the drop-in schedule for each venue, and will support court/ice time bookings.

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REAL District Events
REAL District Events


With the increasing number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet, having a responsive and mobile-friendly website has become essential.

The REAL District’s website adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring that users can access information and navigate the site without any difficulties. This mobile optimization has contributed to a significant increase in mobile traffic, further boosting overall website engagement.

Overall, the combination of the website redesign, SEO implementation, and mobile-friendly design has yielded overwhelmingly positive results for the REAL District. The increased traffic, improved user experience, and enhanced efficiency have all contributed to a successful online presence for the district.

With a website that effectively serves its users and supports the goals of the REAL District, the organization can continue to thrive and engage with its audience in a meaningful way.

REAL District Mobile Responsive Website for Non-Profit Corporation
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