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Complete revamp of the REAL District's website achieves improved user experience, increased ticket sales, and consolidated information on events and properties. The redesign includes a user-friendly interface, online calendar, and mobile optimization, leading to higher traffic and enhanced engagement.

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The REAL District, a Canadian non-profit corporation, aimed to enhance tourism, economic growth, and the quality of life for Saskatchewan residents. They faced challenges with their existing website, including organizational and navigational deficiencies, lack of consistent branding, and a poor mobile experience.

In collaboration with the REAL District, a redesign was undertaken to achieve three key objectives: improving user experience and visibility of events, increasing ticket sales and registrations, and consolidating information on REAL properties. The redesigned website incorporated a user-friendly interface, a robust online calendar, and interconnected event details pages.

The implementation of a responsive design resulted in increased mobile traffic and improved overall engagement. The website overhaul, along with SEO implementation, has been highly successful, contributing to the REAL District’s online presence, user satisfaction, and organizational goals. With a website that effectively serves its users and supports the goals of the REAL District, the organization can continue to thrive and engage with its audience in a meaningful way.

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